Veronika Iblová

Description of lesson / Body form:

Veronica teaches the Body form method, which is, to some extent, unique in the Czech Republic. The main advantage of this method is that it can significantly improve dancers' dispositions and flexibility.
This system was created as a modification of the training given to the national team of junior modern gymnasts. It was taken over and modified from the Russian model. It comprises approximately 50 exercises and is accompanied by regularly phrased music.
Veronica together with Szabó Ildiko modified this to suit a classical dance class and separated it into six themed areas:
1. Stretching and warm-up
2. Arches and feet
3. Hip joint turnout
4. Spine
5. Maximum to enormous flexibility (range of movement)
6. Jumps
The whole class is put together so that an even pressure is put on all muscles, ligaments, joints and the spine.

This method is particularly effective and valuable for professional dancers, but it can also be recommended for moderately advanced students.


Born in Prague. Between 1975 and 1983 studied at the Dance Conservatory in Prague. From 1983 to 1988 a soloist of the Ballet at the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava, portraying titular and solo roles in the ballets Swan Lake , Les Sylphides , Graduation Ball , Spartacus , The Nutcracker , etc. She received the Slovak Literary Fund Prize for her performance in the ballet Vivaldi (Winter), the Slovak Dramatic Artists Award and a silver medal at the nationwide ballet competition in Brno. She also appeared on many stages abroad.

In 1988 she was engaged as a soloist at the Győri Ballet in Hungary led by the choreographer Iván Markó, where she performed in Bolero , The Promised Land , The Mechanical Garden , La valse and many other titles. At the same time, she taught at the Secondary Art School within the Győri Ballet. After a serious injury had forced her to end her career as a dancer, in 1991 she was appointed ballet master. In the same year she also began working as an assistant choreographer and made numerous study trips (Vienna, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, New York).

From 1994 to 2015, Veronika was a ballet master of the National Theatre Ballet in Prague. During her tenure at the National, she has educated and nurtured many excellent and distinct dancers (T. Podařilová, Z. Susová, N. Márová, A. Katsapov, M. Štípa, J. Kodym). As an assistant choreographer, she has collaborated with numerous renowned creators, including J. Kylián, M. Ek, R. North, S. Hounsell, I. Galili, Y. Vàmos, L. Vaculík, J. Kodet and P. Zuska, whose works she has also prepared with other ballet ensembles.

She is the co-creator of Bodyform, an auxiliary method for dancers, which she has taught at numerous seminars and workshops both at home and abroad.

In 2010 Veronika founded FIBS  and has been focused on her function as the director and main pedagogue.



photo Pavel Hejný