Uri Ivgi

From 1990 untill 1997 Uri danced with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and performed pieces By Rami Be'er, Mats Ek, Daniel Ezralow, Jiri Kylian, Suzanna Linke, Inbal Pinto and many others. In 1993 Uri created his first choreography 'Ischa-Ischa' and was subsequently repeatedly invited to create new work for the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Israel. In 1998 Uri received the first prize for best dancer during the International Competition for Choreographers as well as an award for Upcoming Talented Choreograher from the Ministry of Culture. In that same year he moved to The Netherlands to establish and fully focus on his career as a choreographer. After a succesfull start he was supported by several Dutch foundations and invited to created new works for several festivals, companies and schools all over Europe. In 2001 he won the Public Award with his duet 'Longing' during the International Competetion for Choreographers in Groningen, The Netherlands. This same duet won him second prize during the Choreographers Competetion in Hannover, Germany in 2002. Uri combines his creative work with teaching teachnique classes.

Ivgi&Greben / modern repertory
Uri and Johan met in 2002 and became fascinated with each other's work. Coming together with their different perspectives they team up and created new works for It dansa, Spain; National Theatre Ballet, Czech Republic; Provincial Dances Theatre, Russia; Scottish Dance Theatre, United Kingdom; Skânes Dansteater and Norrdans, Sweden; Szeged Contemporary Ballet, Hungary; Scapino Ballet, The Netherlands and Tanzkompanie Theater St. Gallen, Switzerland.

* Please also visit www.ivgi-greben.nl