Sonia Rodriguez

She was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1974. Teacher, choreographer and performer.

Guest teacher at Conservatorio de Portugal (Lisboa), Cia. Metros (Barcelona), Cia. Lanonima Imperial (Barcelona), Institut del Teatre (Barcelona), Cia. Norrdans (Suecia), Varium (Barcelona), Scottish Dance Theater Rep. Dundee (Schothland), Iwanson School (Munich), Eulalia Blasi Danceschool (Barcelona), Cia. En-Knap (Slovenia), Teatro Victoria (Tenerife), Cia. Moudansa (Valencia), Cia. Marco Santi (Swiss); Cia Sasha Waltz (Berlin).

Former member of the Cia Provisional Danza (Spain); Charleroi Danses (Belgium); En-Knap (Slovenia); Cia Rui Horta Stage Works (Germany); H2Dance (London); Cia Lanonima Imperial (Spain); Cia La Baraka (Lyon); Cia Yann Lheureux (Montpellier); Cia System Aragón (Spain) Cia Gissela Rocha (Swiss); Cia Cobos Mika (Spain); Cia Lior Lev (Stuttgart).

She received the prize for the best dancer at the Certamen Coreográfico Madrid 2002 and the third price for best performer at the 8th International Solo Dance Theater Stuttgart.

Her work as choreographer began in 2002, she created "Caos"; "15 minutos"; "Azar"; "Signs"; "Cuasar"; "Zufridenheit"; "Forbidden Colours"; "Walk by".

Sonia received a residence for creation in El graner (New center for creation) in Barcelona.

Lately she created the piece „Thirteen steps" at Northern School in Leeds and in near future she will create a piece for the Institut de Teatre in Barcelona with the students that they will finish the formation this year.