Description of lesson: „THE POINT ZERO" ICDW Prague 201O

The performer and his possibilities of the interpretation
Workshop „The point zero" is lead by the SKUTR director's tandem. In the beginning of the workshop the performer is placed into the point zero. He is starting to search the theme. After this he build his actor's character, that he puts it into the situation. He should replace his usual actor's expression by searching the new unusual one. Especially, like the work with the metaphor of the space, the physical movement, the sound or the matter. By using the improvisation he is learning how to combine special stage elements to express the theme or the dramatic situation in the best way. Using this, he could find a new space of actor's expression.
The „The point zero" workshop is not just the system of exercises. Above all it offers the space for searching and developing own actor's abilities. This way of work expects the physical activity and open mind to accept the new artistic waves.
The workshop is prepared for actors/performers, directors and dramaturges, dancers, who would like to develop their own physical abilities on one side and the thinking about theatre on another side.

SKUTR is a partnership of two directors - Martin Kukučka and Lukáš Trpišovský, which are among the most interesting and respected directors of the modern generation. They started to work together while studying at DAMU (Prague Academy of Performing Arts) where they studied under Prof. Josef Krofta and Prof. Miloslav Klíma. Today they teach at DAMU themselves on a freelance basis. Their graduation performances caught the attention of both audiences and critics and so immediately after their graduation they were invited by Ondřej Hrab, the director of Archa theatre, to join the creative residency Archa Lab (2004 - 2008).

The SKUTR performances combine dance, movement, acrobatics, puppetry, projections, light design, written word and music. Their original theatre work is inspired by a certain theme or by people, who work on it. SKUTR's theatre projects could further be described as multi-genre, fusion or cross-over.

While traditional audiences value their high professional standards, young and new audiences find SKUTR opens up theatre for them with new themes, creative vision and in an attractive form.

In the five years of its existence, the theatre group SKUTR has created a number of successful original projects not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe. They have been nominated in three consecutive years for the Alfréd Radok Prize, in the category "Talent of the year" and they also received two nominations in the category "Performance of the year". Further, SKUTR received the Evald Schorm prize, the Josef Hlávka prize, the Grand Prix at the international festival ZLOMVAZ in 2004 and the Grand Prix and the Audience Prize at the 2007 FIST International Festival in Belgrade. What's more, SKUTR took part in a number of festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad - in Serbia, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Romania and Slovakia. In 2008 SKUTR had a hugely successful run (22 performances) of The Weepers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Weepers was also short-listed for the Total Theatre Award in the UK.

Martin Kukučka and Lukáš Trpišovský took part in the direction and dramaturgy of La Putyka, a very successful new circus project. In cooperation with the Berg Orchestra SKUTR prepared in autumn 2009 a new unique performance of the legendary music theatre piece - Heiner Goebbels's Schwarz auf Weiss (Black on white), in which musicians become actors.