Jiří Čumpelík


PhDr. Jiří Čumpelík, Ph.D. (born 1944 in Prague) begun to study yoga in India in the years 1973-1975. Since the late 1970s, he has deepened his experience gained in India, which he uses in his yoga teachings to date. For a number of years, he has been developing traditional yoga principles by combining them with basic principles of movement and body posture, which is backed by his medicine training in general and progressive kinesiology in particular; since 1985 he has been utilising his findings and experiences in the role of the physiotherapist of the National Theatre ballet in Prague. Jiří Čumpelík pays particular attention to the connection between body posture and breathing, which also became the subject of his doctoral and rigorous thesis. He adapts his findings and know-how for the specialist training of dance pedagogy students of the Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, students of the Physiotherapy department of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague and students of the Physical Education and Sport Faculty of the Charles University in Prague. He is a frequent speaker at a variety of domestic and international workshops and conferences.

Jiří Čumpelík teaches yoga in a non-traditional way by bringing together the principles of yoga and kinesiology. The identification of illusions linked with a variety of preconceptions and false perceptions of our body, breath and mind and the gradual discovery of involuntary impulses to move and breathe, form, in his opinion, the basis of not only yoga but also the science of movement.